Solana NFT Portfolio Tracker

$4.99 / month

Track all of your Solana based NFTs in one place with our easy to use Solana NFT Portfolio Tracker. Track buys/sells/gains and losses.

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Simplified view of your Solana NFTs

On our dashboard, you can view all of your Solana NFTs in a single location. The dashboard displays the NFTs you own, their current floor price, the number of listings available, the price you paid for each NFT, and your gains or losses. This allows you to easily track and manage your Solana NFT collection.

Other trackers show you what your current wallet holds and it’s current worth.  We went a step beyond this we track:

  • Total spent in SOL and USD
  • Current Portfolio Balance in SOL and USD
  • Total Return in SOL and USD
  • Our calculations take into account the average SOL purchase price you enter
  • Total NFTs owned
  • Total NFTs listed for that collection
  • Average cost per NFT collection
  • Current floor price
  • Current value of your NFTs from the collection

In addition to the above we also have:

  • Links to the collection’s homepage, view transactions, add new transactions, favorite and archiving, and a gain/loss calculator
  • Ability to quickly search your collections
  • Ability to sort your collections based on total spent, current value and total return

Adding Transactions

Adding transactions is a breeze, just click to add and put in the date, select or add a new NFT collection, price paid and number of NFTs received.  Tracking sales works the same way.  Currently we do not integrate with wallets.  It’s still under development as it caused unexpected results when users transfer or stake NFTs.

Viewing Transactions

View all of your transactions at the specific NFT level whether that’s buys or sells.  You can also edit or delete transactions as needed.

Track Your Price Changes

Unlike other tools we track your % and $ changes based on the data you enter.  Floor prices are shown at the overall portfolio and individual NFT level.

Quick Links

Next to each of your NFTs we have quicklinks that take you to the collection’s page, ability to archive and favorite your collections and a quick calculator for returns.


We’re releasing new features and enhancements daily to make your Solana NFT investments simpler to track.  We’ll continue to update this page and announce them on our blog.  Have an idea?  Contact us!