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XRP Ledger top wallet Xumm has unveiled exciting news for XRP users. In a tweet, Xumm makes it known that it has teamed up with Uphold to offer 0% transaction fees for the Topper on-ramp for the next 48 hours (PST).

Explaining more, Xumm says that in collaboration with Uphold, it is hosting a 0% transaction fee event for Topper transactions on Xumm, which would take place from Oct. 30 to 31 PST time zone, allowing users to enjoy fee-free XRP on-ramping via Topper during this period.

🎉 Exciting news!

We have teamed up with @UpholdInc to offer 0% transaction fees for the Topper on-ramp for the next 48 hours (PST).

🚀 Enjoy fee-free XRP on-ramping via Topper starting now!

Find the Topper xApp in Xumm.

More info: #XRPL #Xumm

— Xumm Wallet 🪝 (@XummWallet) October 30, 2023

In June, Xumm added Topper by Uphold, and the on-ramp addition enables the purchase of digital assets using credit or debit cards, bringing further versatility to the Xumm ecosystem.

For example, both American and Canadian Xumm users can buy XRP in their native currency thanks to the Topper integration.


In related developments, Xumm issued an urgent alert to its Samsung users, in particular Samsung Galaxy S21 users, in the past week.

The Samsung operating system update issued on Oct. 12 damaged the Xumm Wallet secure data store, resulting in Xumm not opening again once the upgrade was performed.

In a tweet, Xumm assures Samsung users that the issue has been resolved.

“All fine again for Xumm + Samsung users: Samsung pushed an update to fix their previous faulty update that crashed Xumm and other apps,” Wietse Wind, an XRPL developer, tweeted about the development.

Xumm support stated that Samsung has released an update that seems to solve the issue. It asks that if users are still encountering the issue, they should update their device, or contact Xumm support if that does not solve the issue.


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