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Renowned crypto veteran Steven Nerayoff envisions XRP soaring to unprecedented heights, challenging established price boundaries. In a recent tweet, a prominent figure in both the Ethereum and XRP communities, Nerayoff, contributed to the discourse surrounding XRP’s potential to achieve triple-digit dollar values.

Nerayoff’s comment built a question from an avid XRP supporter who inquired about his insights on the prospects of XRP, specifically querying the likelihood of XRP surging to $10 or $100. While the Ex-Ethereum advisor agrees such a scenario was plausible, the refrained from responding straightforwardly to the $100 XRP prediction.

I believe XRP has no ceiling if they achieve their objectives. It’s not a simple response but I’ll give a high level take. Usually a lower XRP price would make their offering more attractive. However, @Ripple is clearly the odds on favorite to win in a “network effects” model.…

— Steven Nerayoff (@StevenNerayoff) October 27, 2023

Specifically, Nerayoff expressed a bullish belief in the promising future of XRP, stating, “I believe XRP has no ceiling.” He argued that as long as the teams working with XRP continue to meet their objectives, there may be no defined upper limit for XRP’s value. Notably, the objectives could involve establishing XRP as the standard token for global payments.

Furthermore, Nerayoff stressed that Ripple, one of the payment firms utilizing XRP, holds a strong position within a “network effects” model. This perspective suggests that Ripple is well-positioned to achieve widespread adoption.

Moreover, the ex-ETH advisor noted that once Ripple successfully realizes the network effects model, XRP could become an integral component of the ecosystem, effectively removing any perceived restrictions on its price.

In further elaborating his point, Nerayoff drew a parallel to the US Dollar. He noted that given USD is a widely adopted global standard for trading, its price appears to have no upper bound due to its extensive network effects. Nerayoff likely meant that the dollar’s value, while diminishing over time, remained relatively stable because of its indispensability.

Additionally, Nerayoff speculated on the prospect of XRP assuming the role of a reserve currency. He suggested the perceived attacks on Ripple by influential entities could be linked to the potential disruption that XRP might pose to the established financial order.

Meanwhile, Nerayoff made it clear that he presently holds no XRP or Ethereum tokens, underscoring that his insights were presented from an unbiased standpoint.

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