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International journalist and Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser is giving Infowars host Alex Jones the chance of regaining a gift of 10,000 bitcoin he lost. According to Keiser, Jones will have the chance to recover the stash by answering a trivia round consisting of 5 questions. However, Jones has not answered Keiser’s call at the time of writing.

Max Keiser Will Give Alex Jones Opportunity to Recover 10,000 Bitcoin

Bitcoin enthusiast and journalist Max Keiser took to social networks to allow Infowars host Alex Jones to regain the 10,000 bitcoin he lost when BTC was priced at $5. According to Jones, Max gave him a laptop containing the bitcoin in a meeting, but Jones did not care for the item, which got lost in undisclosed circumstances.

Jones disclosed this loss on a show two years ago, when he revealed that this indeed happened. At the time, Jones stated:

Ten years ago … Max Keiser comes to me and he says I have 10,000 bitcoins for you. This is the future. It will be the new global currency. He is on record.

When he later revealed what happened, the show hosts called him a “f*cking idiot” and invited him to find the lost laptop. “I deserve it,” Jones added after being slapped twice.

Max Keiser’s 10K-Bitcoin Quiz

Nonetheless, it seems that destiny might reunite Jones with 10,000 bitcoin (valued at approximately $340 million), as Keiser recently posted this message on X:

I’ll be back on Alex Jones later this week with a quiz. If he can answer all 5 questions correctly, he gets his 10,000 bitcoin.

Jones, who was ordered to pay $1.5 billion due to his claims about the Sandy Hook school shootings, declared bankruptcy after the 2022 verdict. A recent ruling determined that Jones still needs to pay most of this amount despite filing for personal bankruptcy.

The regained gift might help the embattled journalist to face this situation. According to Keiser, Jones has not communicated with him to confirm his participation in the proposed quiz. On October 25, he declared:

Alex hasn’t confirmed a date or time yet. Is he about to lose the chance to own 10,000 bitcoin AGAIN!!!

Many have inferred that Keiser might still have a backup of the wallet containing the BTC gift.

What do you think about Alex Jones’ lost bitcoin stash and Max Keiser’s 10K-bitcoin quiz? Tell us in the comments section below.

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