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Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue has unveiled what might seem like exciting news for the XRP community.

In a tweet, Bitrue announced its support for the upcoming Xahau network, a smart contract sidechain within the XRPL ecosystem.

Bitrue announces an upcoming listing for XAH, the native token of the new Xahau platform, in line with its support for the upcoming chain. It also mentions an upcoming mint event.


πŸ’Ž Coming up: $XAH Mint Event and Token Listing on #Bitrue

πŸ“– @XahauNetwork is a innovative smart contract sidechain within the #XRPL ecosystem

🚨 Stay tuned for more updates and details. Don’t miss out!

β€” Bitrue (@BitrueOfficial) October 27, 2023

Bitrue’s dedication to the XRP Ledger ecosystem is reflected in its continuous support for all newly introduced coins, features and platforms.

Bitrue announced their support for the EVRS airdrop, whose snapshot occurred on Sept. 1. Evers, or EVRS, is the native token of the Evernode platform, which will be built on the Xahau Ledger.

In late August, XRPL Labs participated in the joint launch of the Xahau whitepaper alongside Evernode, Alloy Network and others.

In an Oct. 21 tweet, Evernode provided an update that the Xahau network launch was not far away, with a milestone of the Hooks v3 audit reached.

Because there has been no official communication regarding the network’s launch, the XRP community is reminded that Xahau and its token have not yet been launched, as only a whitepaper has been launched.

Furthermore, there are no Xahau airdrops or giveaways, nor is there any trust line or IOU. It is strongly recommended that XRP holders do not disclose their keys to anyone.


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