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  • Memeland reached $20 million for the presale of their token $MEME in just 42 minutes after launch.
  • Crypto expert and engineer Cygaar appreciated the Memeland developers on their work.
  • 9GAG’s CEO addressed rumors related to $MEME being listed on any CEX.

On October 26, Memeland tweeted that one of their developers was extremely happy to have been praised by software engineer and crypto expert Cygaar. Earlier today, Cygaar congratulated Memeland for securing $10 million in presale for their token $MEME.

True reply from one of our devs:

“Getting praise from @0xCygaar makes me happier than getting praise from my mother.”

— Memeland ❤️ Memecoin (@Memeland) October 26, 2023

Utilizing Delegate to secure their on-chain identity, Cygaar said that $MEME’s “contract is quite solid,” minimizing storage writes, and employing calldata for input. Alongside the Memeland team, other Twitter users were also surprised to see the analyst compliment developers. Kigu’s founder Dewku remarked,

I don’t remember the last time seeing a ‘good job, dev team’ from cygaar. Big ups @0xChar.

According to data, Memeland reached $10 million within a mere 42 minutes after its launch. Prior to the release, community members had the opportunity to participate in various activities, enabling them to join a waitlist that granted access to the sale. At the time of writing, the tokens offer “No utility. No roadmap. No promises. No expectation of financial return. Just 100% memes.”

Meanwhile, the sale will continue until Friday morning despite all the tokens already being sold out. During this extended period, individuals previously on a waiting list will gain access to the tokens.

The creators of Memeland are the same team behind 9GAG, a widely recognized platform for sharing memes and news. Memeland has garnered support from prominent investors, including YCombinator. A few hours ago, 9GAG’s CEO, Ray Chan Chin-ching, posted a tweet extending his gratitude to the Memeland community for their “overwhelming and support.”

Simultaneously, he addressed discussions and speculations surrounding centralized exchange (CEX). Ray clarified that, as stated in the whitepaper, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE AND NO COMMITMENT TO LIST $MEME ON ANY EXCHANGE. Furthermore, he advised all to consider any information they come across about the same, to be “fake” news.

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