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TRON’s mainnet received GreatVoyage-v4.7.3, or Chilon, on October 25, 2023. This update improves TRON network performance and helps developers and customers. The latest optional version, Chilon, improves the TRON user experience. These benefits make the environment more user-friendly.

Chilon Upgrade Enriches TRON with Enhanced gRPC Interfaces

One of the notable advances brought by Chilon is the introduction of richer gRPC interfaces. These interfaces expand users’ TRON network and provide interaction choices. This enhances the user experience and encourages app discovery.

🚀The #TRON mainnet was officially upgraded to GreatVoyage-v4.7.3(Chilon) on October 25th, 2023 (Singapore time).

🙌Chilon is a non-mandatory upgrade version. It will improve the convenience of development on the #TRON network, improve the speed of node startup and…

— TRON DAO (@trondao) October 27, 2023

Accelerating node startup and initialization is another big benefit. Upgraded TRON network efficiency reduces latency and improves the user experience. Faster node initialization increases network responsiveness.

Chilon also stabilizes network connectivity, providing clients with a durable network design. Decentralized applications and safe TRON transactions require stability. Chilon increases network throughput, allowing more transactions. The TRON network needs this feature to handle increased demand without slowing down.

A major improvement of Chilon is three new gRPC interfaces. These interfaces provide bandwidth, energy, and transaction memo fee history. Data improves developers’ experiences and lets them utilize more TRON apps and services.

Chilon Boosts Readability of Stake 2.0 Codes for TRON Network

Chilon handles node disconnects. Nodes that failed to process peer messages used to disconnect without explanation. The lack of information made troubleshooting tough. Disconnection boosts node capacity to fix connection issues and maintains network coherence, says Chilon.

Chilon optimized transaction processing. Transaction broadcasting and packing were hindered by ignoring unconnected peer transactions in prior generations. Chilon improves transaction management by removing only illegal transactions from nodes. This improvement increased transaction processing efficiency.

Chilon improves Stake 2.0 error messages and codes for readability. These modifications enhance user experience and TRON Network development. Chilon speeds transaction cache bloomFilter initialization and node initialization. When the node exits, the transaction cache bloomFilter data is persistent to achieve this. It also allows for faster initialization upon restart.

The upgrade improves node connections by fixing chain inventory creation concurrency. A smoother shutdown is achieved by fixing resource shutdown disorders.

Chilon enhances API HTTP interface monitoring, parameter parsing, and Solidity query interfaces. These enhancements boost API usability and efficiency. There are many TRON Chilon features to increase the user experience and network efficiency. Users and developers should expect enhanced user-friendliness, decentralized applications, and digital asset management as TRON evolves.


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