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Chiliz, the pioneering blockchain platform known for its innovative Fan Tokens, has unleashed the Chiliz Chain ecosystem. With the bold proclamation of “SportFi for everyone,” Chiliz is making strides toward its mission of integrating blockchain technology into the sports and entertainment industry like never before. The unveiling of this ecosystem promises to remove governance obstacles for developers and open the door to a new era of fan-centric applications and innovative solutions.

Chiliz unleashes the Chiliz Chain ecosystem: SportFi for everyone! 🌐⚽

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking development in our mission to bring blockchain technology to the world of sports and entertainment. No more governance hurdles for developers.#ChilizChain ⚡ $CHZ

— Chiliz ($CHZ) – Powering ⚡ (@Chiliz) October 27, 2023

Paving the Way for Blockchain in Sports & Entertainment

Founded in 2018, Chiliz has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the intersection of blockchain technology and the sports and entertainment world. The company is best known for its creation of Fan Tokens, digital assets that have allowed over 170 major sports organizations to engage with and reward their global fanbase through the fan engagement app. With the launch of Chiliz Chain, the company is poised to expand its ecosystem, inviting a broader audience to participate in the world of blockchain technology.

The Chiliz Chain ecosystem is designed to foster innovation and facilitate creativity within the blockchain space. By eliminating governance hurdles, developers are now empowered to craft unique fan-centric applications, explore groundbreaking solutions, and experiment without constraints. The possibilities are limitless. One of the central pillars of the Chiliz Chain is user and partner protection. Through the implementation of a blacklist, Chiliz is committed to safeguarding users and partners against IP infringement, threats, and fraud.

This robust security measure ensures the safety and trustworthiness of the ecosystem. Moreover, Chiliz Chain represents a significant expansion of Chiliz’s ecosystem and a monumental leap in the integration of blockchain technology into sports and entertainment. Brands are now invited to build Fan Tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets within this ecosystem, with all fees paid in Chiliz’s native token, $CHZ.

The ecosystem aims to connect stakeholders in the sports and entertainment industries by offering industry-minded ecosystem support and maintaining brand IP and project use-case integrity. Chiliz Chain is a Layer-1, EVM-compatible, interoperable ecosystem, designed to provide a highly secure and efficient environment for approved developers to build projects that will shape the future of Web3 in sports and entertainment.

A Home for Leading Sports Brands in Web3

The PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority) node validator system is a key feature of the Chiliz Chain. With 11 active validators, including respected names in blockchain and leading sports properties, this system is responsible for validating transactions, ensuring a high level of security, and facilitating the development of groundbreaking projects. Chiliz is not only focused on innovation but also on sustainability.

The PoSA blockchain model not only offers lower fees and shorter block times but also consumes significantly less energy. This aligns with Chiliz’s commitment to develop technology sustainably. All fees within the Chiliz Chain ecosystem are paid using the Chiliz native token, $CHZ. Staking, a vital mechanism for securing the network, allows $CHZ holders to actively participate in the ecosystem’s development while being rewarded for their contributions.

Chiliz Chain‘s ambition is to become the hub for leading sports brands in the Web3 era. This includes Chiliz’s existing network of partners and other major brands from the sports and entertainment industries, all invited to explore innovative ways of bringing fans and communities together through Fan Tokens and Web3 technology. With the Chiliz Chain, the world of sports and entertainment is set to undergo a profound transformation, as the blockchain technology provided by Chiliz brings new opportunities, innovations, and fan engagement solutions to the forefront of these industries.


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