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A new coin has shown up on the Terraverse a few days ago called TerraFloki.  At first I thought it’s just another dog meme coin and didn’t pay much attention to it or dig in to the tokenomics.  This morning I saw it was getting more attention and strong growth so decided to take another look.

  • I was surprised with what I found:
  • Deflationary token
  • Luna Chain
  • Built in DEX
  • LP Staking
  • Staking of TFloki to earn tickets that will be exchangeable for NFTs
  • FlokiPunks are the first NFT they will release
  • Marketcap is 10 million

You can purchase TFloki and then farm it to earn TFTIC which are tickets.  These tickets will be able to be redeemed for their NFTs that they will release.  Each month there will be at least 1,000 TFTIC tickets that are able to be farmed.  The first is FlokiPunks, but for the next 6 months they will release a new NFT each month.  It looks like if you farm the tickets your TFloki will be locked up for 30 days so keep that in mind.

I’ve had my run of shit coins within the BSC and ETH space, but since it’s the first on LUNA and has some good benefits behind it, I decided it was worth the chance.

Here’s their platforms:

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