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It’s been just over 1 week since getting into TFLOKI and more information has been release/defined about it’s tokenomics and the NFT rewards.  Here’s what we now know to clear things up as we continue to get closer to the first NFT drop in 18 days.


Tickets you farm do not roll over to the next NFT drop.  Tickets you farm in the first 30 days are only eligible to claim for the first NFT drop.  In the next 30 day farming window you will need to farm a new set of tickets to accumulate for the next NFT drop.  So what do you do with partial tickets?  You can either buy partial tickets to get up to the full 1 ticket for the NFT drop or you can choose to sell your partial tickets and buy more TFLOKI.  This way you own more TFLOKI for the next 30 day farming window.

Now the question is do you sell your partial tickets as you accumulate them every day and buy more TFLOKI to increase the amount of tickets you farm or hold until closer to the end in hopes of a higher price per ticket?  I’m still unsure on this.  We could get close to the end and others that are almost to 1 ticket will drive up the per ticket price trying to get to 1 ticket.  If this is the case then we could see huge profits here, but not guaranteed.

Airdrops & Rewards

Holding an NFT ticket will get you an airdrop each month.  You will get a portion of 1,000,000 TFLOKI.  The first month if you have 1 ticket you will receive 1,000 TFLOKI.  Month 2 it would be 1,000,000 divided by 2,000 NFT holders so it will drop as time goes on.  They also just announced that MINE and STT holders will start receiving airdrops if they have their MINE/STT staked.  There is a anti-whale type of logic in there as well so smaller holders still get a decent portion.  In the future they said LUNA stakers would also start receiving airdrops.

  • Allocation size (tentative in case there is a violent swing in price for MINE/STT):
  • For MINE stakers:
    • minimum allocation is 700 MINE
    • maximum allocation is 105,000 MINE
  • For STT stakers:
    • minimum allocation is 20 STT
    • maximum allocation is 3,000 STT

TFLOKI Airdrop


The price has continued to decline over the last week as early whales have sold, but I’m continuing to hold.  If you look at the tokenomics it makes sense.  The market price of 1 ticket is the airdrop value, so if market says $6.7k per ticket, 1000 $tfloki should worth $6,700, meaning about $6.7 per TFLOKI.

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