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Yesterday I wrote an article about TERRAFLOKI and how I had at first passed, but then jumped in.  Since then it’s been a wild ride over the past 24 hours.

  • So far it has:
  • Jumped in price from .55 to 1.79
  • Market cap of 10 million to 30 million

Figuring out the staking and ticket system took a little bit of time, but it sounds amazing.  You stake your TFLOKI to earn tickets to their first NFT launch.  They have 6 different NFT collections in all with a supply of 1,000 NFT’s per collection.  Each month they will release the next collection.  The first of which is FLOKIPUNKS.


Now even if you don’t earn a full ticket in time for the first launch you can continue staking your TFLOKI beyond that to get a ticket for one of the following launches.  The best part is even if you don’t ever get enough TFTIC (token earned by staking for a NFT ticket) you can always sell it and you still get to keep your TFLOKI.  Right now the TFTIC is selling for $8,000 per 1 ticket.

I had thought about just purchasing 1 TFTIC ticket so I had it locked in for the first NFT launch, but after thinking it though it makes more sense to stake your TFLOKI, earn gains from it and earn the TFTIC ticket tokens.

Lastly there is always risk and this is the first deflationary token on Terra, so make sure you do some research as with any new shitcoin, but I think this is well on it’s way to leaving the shitcoin stigma behind and becoming a legit coin on LUNA.

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