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Let me start with I love LOOP and the idea of rewarding content creators with tokens for their work. As long as the spam is able to be controlled it will continue to become a great news source and community.

That said I do have a few concerns that I hope are being addressed sooner rather than later so it doesn’t lose it’s momentum. This is meant to be a FUD article or discourage LOOP in any way as I said above I’m a big supporter.

The website has become very challenging to use the past week or so due to the following:


I’ll rate a article and it will just spin, sometimes it will go through, but a majority of the time the ratings just reload as though I had not left a rating at all. After refreshing the page it still shows I have not rated the article. After trying multiple times it will sometimes go through and sometimes I just give up.


I’ll add a comment to an article or reply and if I wait 5 or 6 seconds it will show up. Other times it will not show up, but after refreshing the page it will then appear. Other times it will act as though it completed, but my comment never shows up.

Article Writing

I’ve started the habit of copying off my article prior to publishing. I’ve had it happen several times where it acts like it successfully publishes, but even an hour later never shows up. This happens less frequent than the commenting or ratings, but still frustrating.

Page Loads

In general when trying to navigate the site reading articles, viewing my profile, viewing my engagement or points, the site loads incredibly slow. Sometimes it will never load at all so I just have to continue to try and refresh until it does load.

I haven’t seen any official posts about this so just curious if others are having as much trouble with it as myself. Also can anyone that actually works with LOOP let us know if they are aware and some performance enhancements are on the way?

Thanks for the platform and again I really believe in the future of LOOP, just hope the challenges can be resolved soon so it’s easier to engage with the community.

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