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Has anyone heard of Useless Crypto yet?  I started following this about a month ago shortly after their launch.  Initially seeing the name I thought it was a complete joke, but after digging in I see they have some unique differences compared to all of the other new coins out there.

I first heard about it while in SafeMoonMark’s Discord server so I looked it up and found their website.  After reading I joined their Discord and was pleasantly surprised by the community, everyone was friendly and helpful not a bunch of people asking “when moon”, “when lambo” type of talk.

After following for a few days one of their whales sold out 35 trillion tokens so I took the opportunity to buy the huge dip.  It then rebounded and over the next couple of weeks ran to it’s ATH.  Now I’ve bough shitcoins for quite a while now and even though I believe in the project you always lock gains I’ve learned.  I sold half of my bag which recouped my initial investment plus 400% return.  This was the first time I had ever locked gains like this on a new coin, so I was pretty excited.

Even though the price has stabilized now at a lower price I do believe in the project as they have been one of the few that provided a roadmap that has actually delivered something.  They released their iOS & Android application as promised.  It’s in beta and anyone can join.

I see a bright future for them and will continue to support and accumulate more as the opportunities arise.  Do your own research, but it’s worth at least taking a look at their site and deciding for yourself.

Useless Crypto

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