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Moonriver (MOVR) offers staking by placing your MOVR within a collator.  Each hour your staking rewards are sent to your wallet.  At first there was little information on how all of this works, but recently we’ve learned more.

It’s pretty simple, but if you don’t have a lot of MOVR you should really keep on top of this process to ensure you are earning returns or if you need to move to a different collator.

So a collator has nominations which are users that have bonded (staked) their MOVR.  Selecting a collator is not very user friendly so hopefully this guide will help you choose the right one.

1. Only the top 100 nominations will receive a staking reward within a collator.  The more MOVR you have in the collator the more of the reward you receive.  Anyone that is outside of the top 100 (based on amount of MOVR you have staked) does not receive rewards during that round.

2. You can view all of the available collators here:

3. Click on the number under the “Nominator” column.  From there you can see the number of MOVR each person has in the pool.  Make sure that your number of MOVR you’re looking to stake will actually put you in the top 100 nominators.

Moonriver Collators

Like I said above, unless you have a huge amount checking in on this regularly is important to ensure you don’t get bumped down out of the top 100 and earn 0.  If you have any questions, just post below in the comments and I’ll be happy to respond.

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