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Today we’ve released a few new features for our Crypto Coin Portfolio tool.

Favorite Coins List

You can now favorite specific coins in your portfolio so they’ll always load up at the very top of your overall coin list.  This can be used to keep a close watch on coins that you may want to get out of at certain price points.

Crypto Coin Portfolio Favorite Coins

All you need to do is click the above icon to favorite the coin of your choosing.  Click it again to remove it from your favorites list.

Archiving Coins

Next up we added functionality to archive those coins that you don’t want cluttering up your dashboard.  They could be coins you don’t want to look at often or a coin that you sold but had remaining dust/reflections that continue to flow in.

Crypto Coin Portfolio Archive Coins

You can click the icon above to archive a certain coin and remove it from your main view.  It won’t actually delete anything, it just moves it to the archived coin view.  If you accidentally archive a coin, don’t worry, you can visit that page and restore a coin as needed.

Sold Coins

Last update for today is the automatic removal of sold coins.  Once you sell out of a certain token and your coin count equals 0 it will be removed from your main view.  It’s still figured into the overall calculations and you can view it under the Sold Coins navigation item.

Crypto Coin Tracker

That’s all for now, but check back as we’ll continue to regularly update our block with new features as they roll out.

Don’t have a Crypto Coin Portfolio account yet?  Register here!

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