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Today we’ve released some exciting new features for our Crypto Coin Portfolio tool.

Viewing Transactions

Previously we pulled in your transactions from the blockchain and shown them at the token level, but it was starting to get messy with all of the tokens that include reflections.

We’ve decided to split them out on two different tabs.  One tab for Buys/Sells and the other for Reflections (if they apply).

On the Buys/Sells tab you will see all of your buys and sells that we have detected on the blockchain for the specific coin.  You also have the ability to:

  • Manually delete any of the transactions
  • Click to view the transaction on the blockchain if it was pulled from our API and not manually entered

View Transactions Link

View Reflections

Next up we created a Reflections tab that allows you to see how many reflections you have earned overall since purchasing the token.  It also allows you to view your last 10 reflection payments received.

View Reflections

That’s all for now, but check back as we’ll continue to regularly update our block with new features as they roll out.

Don’t have a Crypto Coin Portfolio account yet?  Register here!

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