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One of the most widely-followed crypto traders on Twitter says that Ripple’s native asset XRP is providing a prime trading opportunity, as he anticipates breakouts in two more altcoins.

In a series of tweets, the pseudonymous analyst known as Kaleo posts his technical analysis for XRP, telling his 296,000 followers that the chart is looking bullish.

“Won’t lie man. XRP does look incredible.”

XRP Tether

Kaleo also says it’s time for crypto traders to start looking for opportunities in Tron (TRX) again. According to him, the digital content platform is ready to start grinding it’s way higher.

“It’s time to pay attention to TRX again. I expect it to have a move back to the top of range similar to the one we saw XRP have earlier today sometime soon.”


Tron also appears strong in its Bitcoin pair (TRX/BTC), notes Kaleo, as TRX gears up for an enormous spike upward.

“TRX/BTC is in the midst of forming a massive bull flag after a nearly 4 year HTF (high timeframe) breakout. I still believe it’s only a matter of time before this sends.”

TRON Bitcoin

The closely-followed trader says that Terra (LUNA) is looking ready to burst out of an accumulation zone around $15.00 to new all-time highs as soon as Bitcoin’s correction is over.

“LUNA/USD is still accumulating at the lower end of the range, following step closer to BTC’s price. As soon as BTC finds its bottom, I expect this to retest the upper trend before breaking out.

Looking for something like this from here.”


Kaleo adds that LUNA/BTC should consolidate in the coming weeks more before making a long-awaited move up to all-time highs as well.

“LUNA is continuing to consolidate nicely vs. BTC. Another week or two in this range and it should finally make the move we’ve all been waiting for.”

Luna Bitcoin


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