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There is a new, low market cap, hidden gem coin called “BALLS” that showed up on May 10th 2021 to the BNB Smartchain.  It’s tokenomics feature:

  • 5% burn per transaction
    • tokens are removed from circulation forever
  • 3% Redistribution to holders
    • depending on how many BALLS you hold you will get a % of the 3% redistributed automatically to your wallet
  • 2% to charity
    • Goes to another wallet and distributed out to charities that help with prostate & testicular cancer research

The above takes place anytime someone buys or sells the BALLS coin.

On launch the USD coin price was .0000004287.  Today it has risen to USD .0000502517.  To put this into perspective a $100 purchase on launch would have turned into ~$1500 at this point.

Price on

Price on PooCoin

This one is still very early and can be purchased on Pancakeswap via their website so get in while it’s still cheap.

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