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How to Buy AquaGoatDisclaimer – this is not financial advice, simply a guide to help people interested in AquaGoat.

Step 1: Download the TrustWallet app on your smartphone.

Make sure to SAVE and protect your 12-word Seed Phrase. This is extremely important!

Step 2: Copy and paste trust://browser_enable into your safari web browser. If you are using an Android, you can skip this step.

A prompt should pop up asking: Open this page in “Trust”?

Press Open, and it should take you back to your TrustWallet app

Step 3: Click on the toggle button (two lines with circles) in the top right corner. From the coin options, make sure that “Smart Chain” is turned on (green). You may have to search for it in the search box. Then press “Done” in the top right corner. You should be able to see it on your list of coins on the front page of the wallet now.

Step 4: Click on “Smart Chain” 

Step 5: Click “Buy” in the top right corner

Step 6: Put the amount you want to purchase

Note – There is a decent-sized transaction fee here. There are cheaper ways to buy BNB (like through which has a 10-day holding period before you can use your funds in an external wallet), but this is the quickest and simplest way. The more BNB you purchase at one time, the less the transaction fee stings.

Step 7: Enter your payment information and click “Pay Now”

Follow all the prompts until your payment goes through

Note – Some banks do not automatically allow cryptocurrency purchases, so you may have to call your bank to allow your purchase to go through.

Step 8: Go back to the main page of TrustWallet. You should now see a balance for your Smart Chain BNB.

Step 9: Click on “Browser” (or it might say “DApps”) at the bottom left of the screen. 

Step 10: In the search bar at the top of the app, copy and paste the following link –

This is also the link where you can track the progress of the coin and your investments.

If a pop up appears, just click out of it.

Step 11: Click “Connect” at the top and select “Metamask/TrustWallet”

If it won’t allow you to connect, change the network to Smart Chain by clicking on the icon in the top left corner next to the Poocoin web address.

Step 12: When you’re ready to buy AquaGoat, click on the “Trade V1” button right above the chart. It will take you to PancakeSwap. If that doesn’t work, use this link:

Step 13: In the warning pop up, check off “I understand” and press “Continue”

Step 14: Press “Connect” in the top right corner and press “TrustWallet”

Step 15: Next to the word “Exchange” click on the three little lines that look like control settings

Step 16: Change the slippage tolerance to 11% and then press the X in the right corner to exit

Step 17: Enter the amount of BNB you would like to trade for AquaGoat (you can press the “Max” button to use all the funds in your TrustWallet or deposit a little at a time)

Step 18: Press “Swap” and then follow all the instructions until you reach the last screen of your purchase. On the last screen before you finalize your purchase, click “edit” and double check that your gas fee is only 5 (if 5 is not allowed, chance it to 10). It’s usually already pre-set to this, but it’s always good to double check. Then finalize your order

Note – if an error message still comes up when you press “Swap” after doing all the above steps, try changing the last digit of the AquaGoat you’re exchanging to “1”

Step 19:  To add AquaGoat to your TrustWallet, click on “Wallet” in the bottom left corner, then click on the two small circles and lines in the top right corner. In the search bar, type “AquaGoat” or copy and paste this token address:  0x07af67b392b7a202fad8e0fbc64c34f33102165b

Then turn on the toggle to green. Go back to the main screen of your wallet. You should now be able to see your AquaGoat balance.

Step 20: You’re done! Go back to the link in Step 10 using your TrustWallet Browser to watch your investment 🙂 Make sure you leave at least $5worth of BNB in your wallet at all times for gas fees when you’re ready to withdraw.

Step 21: Spread the word and share this with family and friends! Invest during the dips! Someone else’s loss is your gain! We are not financial advisors and investing overall is risky, but we really believe in this project and the Mission of AquaGoat, so we’re in this for the long haul 🙂

Step 22: Join us on our social media pages (see links below) to keep up to date on the latest AquaGoat news, interact with other community members, and help save the planet! 🙂 

When you’re ready to take out a bit of your profits, go to page 4 for instructions on selling.

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